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Arts and BARF

In the Gallery at SOLBY ART & DESIGN contains, of art by Jane Solby but here, you  also can get BARF for dogs and cats. You can find the following products:

  • Wide range of frozen meat and bone
  • Pate for picky dogs
  • Wide range of dried treats
  • Wide selection of complementary feed

Benefits of BARF

By feeding with an unheated correct food (BARF)  your dog get many benefits:

  • No allergy
  • Healthy skin and hair
  • No odor from mouth or stomach
  • Clean healthy teeth
  • Very high immune system
  • Rarely ill
  • Clean and well-functioning ears
  • Small hard faeces
  • Strong bones and nails
  • Living longer and healthier
  • No abdominal pain

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BARF because ...

your dog is not a horse

Wolves and dogs have identical digestive system - should they not eat the same thing?

When the wolves claims that a prey is eaten mostly by the belly is ripped open and intestines as stomach, heart, lungs and liver are eaten first.

The stomach is highly valued and are eaten with great intensity. It's made a very tough material, and the wolf will bite and shake the stomach to crack it so that it can be eaten. By the shaking seen much of stomach contents come out through the holes, the wolf has made​​, and some have thought that it meant that they did not eat the stomach contents. However, it is common that all stomach contents are eaten, but in areas with a large food base, as in Yellowstone, it has not been eaten

After intake of entrails the meat from the killed animals are eaten and as the stomach can contain up to about 30% of the wolf's weight, seen wolves around 35 kg to consume 12-14 kg of meat at once.

This amount of feed will be 2-4 hours to be digsted in the stomach and then is sent to the small intestine, where food absorbed.

Then the wolf go back to the animal and eat the same number of pounds again, and so they can continue until the whole animal is consumed.

Barf principle

  • B.A.R.F. means "Biological appropiate raw food"
  • Consists of frozen meat 
  • Start with a day fast by switching to BARF*
  • A day fast per week to produce insulin
  • A bone day per week
  • Never use pork or porkbone
  • Never use heat-treated meat or bone
  • Never use olies
  • No vegetables

- and do not worry, your dog is not a bloodthirsty predator of getting raw meat, it just gets healthy and happy!